iPhones Remotely Compromised

For over two years, 14 critical zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple’s iOS have been weaponized into 5 privilege-escalating zero-click exploit chains that have remotely and completely taken over hundreds of thousands of iPhones. Apple’s response? Not a big deal. This was just “narrow” “targeted” campaign.

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Educating Employees About Mobile Cyber Threats

Nearly 9 in 10 companies rely on their employees to access critical business applications using their personal devices, making it a necessity for organisations to provide comprehensive cyber security training for employees. Find out about the five critical elements all organisations must incorporate in any cyber security awareness training.

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Your BEST Secure and Private Mobile OS

GrapheneOS Review! What is the most secure and private mobile OS? iOS? AOSP? Lineage? Graphene? Or another Android ROM? This video will explore one of the most extensive Android security hardening projects to-date. GrapheneOS- A free and open source project. (FOSS) You’ll also learn other things about Custom ROMS relating to FDroid and Aurora and other tips and tricks in this showcase guide video.

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