Business Continuity

Is a Global Recession Looming?

Millions of jobs could be lost as economies grind to a halt in the midst of efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The lock downs imposed in many countries have also disrupted all sectors of the economy, causing a cascading effect across the globe. Is the global economy now facing its deepest recession in history amidst a colossal public health disaster?

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How One Ransomware Attack Cost £45m to Fix

Ransomware cyber attacks are targeting large companies and demanding huge payments.

A Norwegian aluminium producer is recovering after hackers took 22,000 computers offline at 170 different sites around the world.
Norsk Hydro refused to cave in to the cyber criminal’s demands for money and have spent £45m trying to restore their business to full strength.

The attack comes as evidence grows that hackers are getting paid off in secret by large organisations who want an easy way out.

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Why Hydro Chose To Be Transparent During Cyber Attack

Hydro was the target of an extensive cyber attack on March 19, 2019, disrupting operations in several of the company’s business areas. Hydro has won praise for openness in dealing with the attack.

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