Artificial Intelligence

How Facial Recognition Advertising is Becoming your New Social Contract

Facial recognition advertising as depicted in Minority Report is coming to your local stores sooner than you thought. The technology is becoming so mainstream it will become a part of the new social contract.

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Artificial Intelligence for Military Use and National Security

Courtney Bowman (Privacy and Civil Liberties Team Lead, Palantir), Avril Haines (Former White House Deputy National Security Advisor; Former Deputy Director, CIA), and Mike Kaul (CEO in Residence, Defence Innovation Unit Experimental) join the Stanford teaching team, Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami, Jeremy Weinstein, and Hilary Cohen, to examine issues of artificial intelligence for military purposes and national security.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing our Society

This documentary looks at the rapid change digitalisation is causing as it unfolds. In particular, breakthroughs in artificial intelligence are opening completely new horizons. In their film about AI, Tilman Wolff and Ranga Yogeshwar examine the role AI plays in the spread of fake news. They also consider a future with robots and the risks and ethical questions posed by the development of autonomous weapons.

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